University scholarships in Canada for international students

As an international student you can apply directly to university scholarships in Canada, without waiting for a specific call for applications. You only have to send your application according to the admission cycle of each university.

If you are looking for an attractive academic destination for your undergraduate or master's studies, Canada is the right place. The country offers everything you need to live an unforgettable educational experience. It is a safe, multicultural, modern country and you will find a wide variety of courses and programs to study.

Here are 12 university scholarships in Canada that you can apply for as an international student.

1. Carleton University

Entrance Awards for International Students

Carleton University admits students with an admission average of 80 percent or better, who meet the language requirements, for automatic consideration for university scholarships in Canada.

The admission average they use is calculated from the grades submitted by your high school to support your application. Scholarships in Canada are offered for fall entry only. You may be offered a renewable entry scholarship as long as you are a first-time entrant and have not previously attended post-secondary educational institutions.

The value of university scholarships in Canada will be determined by the admission average calculated at the time of admission. Entrance scholarship offers are not evaluated on final high school grades.

Awards for International Students

International students applying by September 2023 will also be considered for:

1) International Award for Excellence ($5,000)* - an additional one-time award offered to students receiving Entrance Scholarships.

2) International Merit Award ($3,500)* - a one-time award based on merit.

2. Concordia University

Concordia Presidential Scholarship

The Concordia Presidential Scholarship is the University's most prestigious undergraduate entrance scholarship supporting international students. Each year, the University welcomes outstanding students from around the world to study, conduct research and innovate at its thriving institution with these university scholarships in Canada. This award recognizes international students who demonstrate academic excellence, community leadership and are motivated to make a difference in the global community.

Concordia is seeking nominations from school principals, teachers or guidance counselors who know exceptional students who plan to attend their school. University scholarships in Canada cover all tuition and fees, books, residence and meal plan fees.

There are up to two Presidential Scholarships available each year for new students in any full-time undergraduate program.

The award covers full tuition and fees, books and residence and meal plan fees. This scholarship will be offered for up to four years of study, assuming the student maintains renewal requirements.

3. University of York

President's International Scholarship of Excellence

The President's International Scholarship of Excellence will be awarded to international high school applicants entering their first year of a four-year degree program at the University of York who demonstrate academic excellence, commitment to volunteer work and extracurricular activities, and leadership skills. These university scholarships in Canada require a minimum final admission average of 80% (A) to be considered. Financial need may also be considered in the selection process.

The recipients of these Canada University Scholarships will represent a variety of regions around the world and will be referred to as 'President's International Scholars'. This international scholarship will be renewable for three additional years of full-time study or until completion of the degree (whichever comes first), provided the recipient completes a minimum of 24 credits in each fall/winter session with a minimum grade point average of 6.0.

4. University of British Columbia

International Scholars Program awards

The University of British Columbia is looking for international scholars who have the potential to make a difference in the world to offer university scholarships in Canada. They are high-achieving students who have demonstrated exceptional extracurricular activities, show a desire to create global change and are dedicated to giving back to their schools and communities.

Four prestigious need-based and merit-based scholarships are available through UBC's International Scholars Program. UBC offers approximately 50 scholarships each year in the four university scholarships in Canada. You will not select which award you would like to receive when you submit your application: our team will automatically consider you for the awards for which you are eligible.

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This award recognizes international undergraduate students who demonstrate superior academic achievement, exceptional leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, and recognized accomplishments in other key areas.

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

This award recognizes outstanding international undergraduate students from impoverished or war-torn areas who have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances and who would not be able to attend college without significant financial aid.

International Impact Award

This award is offered to exceptional students who have expressed commitment to and solutions for issues of social justice, climate change, equity and inclusion, health and social welfare, and freedom of expression.

Vantage One Excellence Award

This award is offered by UBC Vantage College for academically outstanding international students who do not yet meet the English language admission standard for direct admission to UBC. Awards range in value up to the full cost of a student's academic program and living expenses.

5. Western University

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) program is a major initiative to attract top international students to Ontario for doctoral studies. Students interested in Ontario Trillium Scholarships in Canada are encouraged to express their interest in the competition to the graduate program chair when applying for admission to Western University. A qualified international applicant must be nominated for the scholarship by the graduate chair of the admission program.

6. University of Toronto

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship - Canada

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships at the University of Toronto provide an unparalleled opportunity for outstanding international students to study at one of the world's top universities in one of the world's most multicultural cities. The Complete Canada University Scholarship Program aims to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and creativity and who are recognized as leaders within their school. Special emphasis is placed on the impact the student has had on the life of their school and community, and their future potential to contribute positively to the global community.

Awarded annually, these scholarships recognize outstanding students from around the world, including international students studying in Canadian high schools. This is U of T's most prestigious and competitive scholarship for international students. The Canada Lester B. Pearson University Scholarship will cover tuition, fees, and fees for the University of Canada Lester B. Pearson Scholarship. Pearson will cover tuition, books, incidental expenses and full residential support for four years. The scholarship is sustainable only at the University of Toronto for first-time undergraduate programs. Each year, approximately 37 students will be named Lester B. Pearson Scholar.

To become a Pearson Scholar, you must be nominated by your school and apply for undergraduate study at the University of Toronto. Once you have been nominated and have submitted your application to the University of Toronto, you will be sent a secure, personalized link to the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship application.

Pearson Scholars are students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and creativity, who are accepted as leaders within their school, and who have the potential to contribute to the global community in the future. They can distinguish themselves from other students who may have equally high academic results by virtue of their breadth of interest, intellectual energy and impact on the life of their school and community.

7. University of Calgary

Graduate awards

- Elizabeth Cannon Graduate Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Thinking

Created to support and encourage graduate students to engage in entrepreneurial activities that will contribute to the growth and vitality of the Calgary community. These scholarships in Canada are worth $20,000 per year for two years.

- International Graduate Tuition Award

These university scholarships in Canada support the recruitment and retention of international students at the University of Calgary. The award will be paid directly towards tuition and is non-refundable to the student. Canada University Scholarships are valued at $3000 ($1000 paid in the fall; $1000 paid in the winter; $500 paid in the spring; $500 paid in the summer.

- Entrance Awards

These scholarships were established to attract and retain the best and brightest future leaders from around the world in support of the University of Calgary's Eyes High vision to become one of the top five research universities in Canada. These university scholarships in Canada range from $12,000 to $35,000.

8. University of Saskatchewan

International Excellence Awards

International students will automatically be considered for these awards, which are based on academic performance, at the time of admission. These university scholarships in Canada are worth $10,000.

9. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta offers admission-based university scholarships in Canada that do not require an additional application.

The university evaluates applications for these scholarships at the time students apply for admission to study in Canada. Eligibility will be based on the high school admission average at the time of their offer of admission.

a) International Admission Scholarship

Top students could receive up to $5,000 CAD, depending on average admission.

b) Regional Excellence Scholarship

Top students from certain regions may receive up to $5,000 CAD, based on average admission.

c) Gold Standard Scholarship

Top 5% of students from each faculty could receive up to $6,000, based on average admission.

d) International Leader Scholarship

Full leaders with superior academic standing may receive up to $10,000 CAD.

e) President's International Distinction Scholarship

Students with a superior admission average and demonstrated leadership qualities entering their first year of an undergraduate degree on a student visa permit could receive up to $120,000 CAD (payable over 4 years).

10. University of Waterloo

International Student Entrance Scholarship

The University of Waterloo offers twenty university scholarships in Canada valued at $10,000 each, awarded annually to outstanding international students admitted to the first year of an undergraduate program.

Consideration will be given to international students admitted with an admission average of 90% or higher.

Selection will be based on academic performance combined with any other faculty-specific entrance scholarship criteria. No application is required.

Value: $10,000

Program: Open to any program of study

Level of study: bachelor's degree

11. Universidad de Winnipeg

Becas del Presidente de Winnipeg para líderes mundiales

The University of Winnipeg is pleased to offer 53 university scholarships in Canada to international students who will be entering university for the first time.

Applicants must have a minimum admission average of 80% or equivalent and must be involved in activities that demonstrate leadership.

Value: TheUniversity of Winnipeg President's Scholarships for World Leaders for Graduate Students are valued at $5,000.


Candidates must have a minimum admission average of 80% or equivalent. In addition, be an international student entering the first year of any program. And demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities.

12. University of Manitoba

International Graduate Student Scholarship

The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers university scholarships in Canada to recognize and reward excellence in international graduate students pursuing a master's degree at the University of Manitoba.

The scholarships, valued at up to the amount of the international differential tuition fee, will be offered to graduate students who: (1) are international students (i.e., those in Canada on study permits); (2) maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 based on their last 60 credit hours (or equivalent) of study or the last full two-year equivalent; (3) show great promise as researchers and graduate students; (4) are not recipients of external grants that pay their tuition.

These scholarships can be pursued with the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) and other awards offered by the university, but cannot be pursued in conjunction with the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship or the International Graduate Student Bursary.

University scholarships in Canada will be applied first to cover tuition fees. The selection committee will have the discretion to determine the amount and value of awards offered each year based on available income. Scholarships will be offered until available funds are exhausted.