Discover how Crystal Reports integrates with SAP Business One

For many companies, especially larger and more developed ones, collecting data contained in various scrolls and generating timely reports represents a great challenge. It is common to see how some business leaders do not have the ability to at least distribute the information to those who need it and access it anytime, anywhere. Or to control access to those business data that are more vulnerable or sensitive.

In order to solve all these problems we have mentioned, SAP offers a tool integrated with SAP Business One (which can also be used independently) called Crystal Reports.

This new feature of SAP B1 is specially designed to improve the way information is generated and displayed in companies. IT professionals, report authors and decision makers can transform a large amount of corporate data into attractive and useful reports with a couple of clicks both inside and outside the company.

In this post we will show you how the integration of these two applications can help your company improve the use and manipulation of information.

Main benefits of Crystal Reports with SAP Business One

The combination of SAP BO application and Crystal Reports software brings a very attractive reporting functionality. Its use allows you to significantly increase productivity, whether you are developing new reports, customizing existing ones, or distributing them across the enterprise.

In short, the main promise of this SAP innovation is to have more intuitive reports in less time, display of information on all types of mobile media (phones, tablets, etc.), interactive displays without code, data combinations, report generation in multiple languages, export and support, and so on.

Let's take a much more detailed look at the benefits or features of Crystal Reports with SAP Business One:

Report creation and customization.

With the integration of Crystal Reports and SAP B1 you can create varied reports and layouts with interactive designs. This system allows you to use powerful cross-referencing to generate better financial reports quickly and customizable by adding standard SAP Business One data fields or user-defined fields.

In addition, you can apply what-if scenario models directly to reports by combining Crystal Reports with Xcelsius Engage software.

Viewing Reports

Variety in formats is not a problem for Crystal Reports. With this system you can view and export reports to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, RTF and XML. In addition, you can get powerful visualizations and interactivity thanks to the integration of Adobe Flash (SWF) files created with any tool.

All these reports can be sorted, filtered and modified without having to refer back to the database. This means that your employees can access detailed transaction information at any time and respond to business issues efficiently and with less paperwork.

Server publishing, distribution and access

Another key feature of Crystal Reports for SAP B1 is that you can publish and distribute reports over the Internet to your entire company via e-mail, file transport, and standard printing. You and your employees can access these files anytime, anywhere with the Crystal Reports software viewer, even when you are not connected to the network. This is something that can increase your company's value in many ways.

You can automate the generation of reports for a pre-scheduled time and set up automatic distribution by e-mail, printing them, or saving them to a shared directory on the server or directly to the Crystal Reports Server business intelligence portal. This flexibility allows you to securely manage and share reports without relying on other IT.


We can't fail to mention that Crystal Reports Server offers security at both the report and data level. Only certain users can view reports or folders. If necessary, Crystal Reports can be integrated with Mycrosoft Windows Active Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) security to set up single sign-on.

What are the benefits for your company of SAP Crystal Reports with SAP Business One?

Better and faster decision making

Thanks to more accurate and timely reports based on core data from across the enterprise, including financials, sales, customers, inventory, service, production, and operations.

Cost savings

This tool helps reduce the time and effort required to generate reports and also reduces dependence on IT resources.

Improved access

Employees can access business information in any format whenever they need it.

Enable your company to benefit from Crystal Reports Server and its integration with SAP Business One - the potential of these two great platforms can help you deliver information to your employees through an intuitive and easy-to-use Web-based user portal. Using the Crystal Report Server business intelligence portal, a complete, ready-to-use Internet portal, you can deploy the solution as an online information system and enable all your employees to access, view, and interact with data in a secure way.

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