6 reasons to create a website for your business

Several years ago, thinking about creating your own website was something complicated. The lack of knowledge that existed around the digital world was very large, so it was believed that having your own website was only possible for large companies. That has changed.

Nowadays, having a website is much more accessible. There are a lot of platforms that you can use to create your page in a few minutes, with a minimum investment. However, if you want to do it professionally, perhaps the investment will be significant (although it does not compare to a physical location).

Although you can find a tutorial to create a website in a simple way, the services you need, the acquisition of some digital elements and, above all, the time, imply an investment that not everyone is willing to assume. That is why, below, we want to tell you 6 reasons why you should invest in creating a website for your business.

Why create a website for your business?

1. It helps to expand the geographic range of your business

In the past, expanding the geographic reach of a business was expensive and complicated because it involved opening a new physical location. With the advent of the Internet, everything became much simpler. You can expand the area where you want to get customers without having to open another space.

With a website for your business, anyone with Internet access can access it from anywhere in the world. Not only can they make purchases, but they can also visualize the products and services offered. You choose the geographical limitation.

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2. With an online store, users can shop at any time of the day.

Ecommerce has a particularity that makes the difference: it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we talk about physical and economic limitations, to afford a business that is open 24 hours a day is really expensive. That's why online stores are the solution.

In a virtual business, users can access, view products and make purchases while the owner sleeps. There are no limitations in terms of schedules since it does not need to be managed every minute.

3. Creating a website serves to obtain new customers

Obtaining new customers is the ambition of all entrepreneurs. Keeping current customers is very useful (and necessary), but to grow it is necessary to increase the database. A website is very useful for this since it works as a showcase: you can show in detail what you sell or the services you offer to attract people.

It is not only useful for digital marketing or to bring traffic from social networks, a website is essential for the organic growth of a business. This is what SEO is for.

SEO is search engine optimization. Basically, it is a strategy that helps you improve the position in which your website appears among the results of any query in Google or Bing, for example. It is essential to attract customers (organically) who are looking for what you market.

4. Digital calls to action

When we talk about call to action (or CTA -call to action-), we refer to what we ask users to do. When we create advertisements, a fundamental part has to do with the choice of the CTA: What is it that we want surfers to do? What is the conversion?

When working in the digital world, the call to action is always considered to be an action that continues online. In relation to user trust and user experience, the best thing you can do is to send them to a website where they don't need anyone to get to the conversion.

5. It provides a much more professional image of the business.

Creating a website is easy, but it involves a lot of time dedication and money investment. This is the reason why users attribute seriousness and professionalism to those businesses that have taken the step towards digitalization.

In addition, by having their own website, customers can obtain different information about the business and the products or services being marketed. There is no need for intermediaries, everything is more direct and, therefore, more convenient for surfers.

6. It generates more confidence in the users

Hand in hand with the professional image, it directly affects the trust of users. During this last time, Internet scams have increased. This does not have to generate fear, but alerts to be able to be more cautious. It is caution that nowadays, users of the online world are more aware of what can happen if they enter dangerous sites.

A trustworthy website includes reviews from customers who have already had experiences with the business, certifications that validate some data (such as address or name) and some more data that completes the information.

Startups are businesses that do not only think in monetary terms. Generally, they have a background that implies personal growth and the possibility of not depending on anyone. However, it is important not to put a non-existent ceiling on them. A website can be useful for you so that the enterprise you started, little by little begins to grow.

In short, creating a website...

It is vital for any business, regardless of its specialty. It is a necessity in an increasingly digitized society. For this, you can specialize in the Master's Degree in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing Management from Next Educación. Undoubtedly, an innovative academic program characterized by the quality of its faculty.