10 best software for business in 2023

Business software can become the key to business success. New technologies are becoming increasingly important for any business. Today, the digital world offers a wealth of options to make business management tasks much simpler and faster.

For this reason, more and more entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized companies have been adapting. Data analysis for planning marketing strategies is becoming increasingly important because there is a greater amount of web traffic and a greater variety of searches.

The offer of software that facilitates the management of our business is enormous, every aspect of every type of business is covered with some existing program.

10 business software that will make your life easier

1. Holded

Holded is a very complete program. It offers a wide variety of elements that cover all aspects of business management of any business.

The group of tools that Holded offers, will allow our business to go to a higher level. It has one of the best accounting software available on the market. The user will be able to customize their systems quite easily.

On the other hand, the management of equipment and human resources is fully covered in an efficient way. In addition, it has the possibility to manage the inventory of our business, as well as the relationship with customers.

2. Expensify

This program is an excellent option to improve the management of our company's finances. Expensify has been developed to ensure that expense management is a simple task for anyone.

Therefore, it can serve as a tool for entrepreneurs who do not have expertise in managing finances. Especially when our business is just starting, it is essential to make the most of tools like this to enhance our skills.

By simply taking a picture of the receipts, the information is stored in it. Once there, it is organized and can be sent to anyone who needs to approve the information.

A possible disadvantage could be that it does not have a free version like many of the competition, only a free trial period to determine if it fits our needs.

3. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular tools for project and team management. It has multiple options to manage every detail of every task we need to perform within our company.

It allows you to organize and plan projects, placing them in specific categories. In this way, you can select the team that will be dedicated to each project, and within it, which functions will fulfill each person of the team.

The purpose of this software is to serve as a means of coordination in any project. A possible disadvantage is that it must be used with other tools, since it does not cover all aspects of business management.

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a platform focused on customer relationship management. One of its main functions is that it allows to efficiently organize the management of the company's contacts.

In addition to this, it is possible to organize the activities and tasks to be performed, in addition to gathering statistical information on performance. This last element is essential to analyze the growth of our business and to be able to make the right decisions in the long term.

Your sales reports and marketing strategies are based on your sales funnel. This system has four metrics: number of deals, average deal value, average deal close rate and average time to win deals.

5. Oracle NetSuite

It is one of the most complete and traditional enterprise software for large companies. Currently, it is present in 160 countries.

In addition, it is a very easy to use and customizable software. It simplifies the edition of administrative documents and automates tasks such as the edition of invoices, budgets and payrolls.

On the other hand, it has comprehensive financial management capabilities, including advanced revenue management and invoicing solutions, to inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions.

6. Builderall

Builderall is a complete platform that helps us create websites from scratch. A business website is its calling card in the digital world.

This software combines all the skills and digital marketing tools necessary for our online business. In addition, it has more than 1000 templates that will make it very easy to create our website, without the need for programming knowledge.

7. Sage 200 cloud

Sage is a tool that is mainly aimed at very small companies, SMEs and associations that want to structure and optimize their processes.

It is a management platform that covers all the needs of any business. Sage includes the management of sales, purchasing, CRM, accounting, payroll, among many others. In addition to this, it can be customized and adapted to the activity of our company, and is accessible from anywhere through the cloud.

8. Sap

It is a software that manages and monitors the pace of our business. Its control panel is very intuitive and allows us to quickly see current orders, revenue trends, tasks to be performed, etc.

It allows us to manage inventories, sales, delivery and invoicing, this solution optimizes margins and makes it easy to react in case of unforeseen events.

9. Shopify

This platform facilitates the creation and management of our online store. This is another indispensable element for businesses in the digital age.

Increasingly, most of us access what we want to buy through the Internet. That's why having a digital store can be an excellent option to position our business.

Shopify manages inventory, tracks sales and integrates them with a payment platform. In addition, it has applications for any area of our online store. It is, in general, very intuitive and with many diverse functionalities to make our store perfectly adapted to what we want.

10. Apache storm

It is a tool for big data that allows to process data in real time. This type of platform contributes to the management and control of different aspects of our business.

It facilitates specific tasks such as customer service management in real time, data monetization, operational dashboards or cybersecurity analysis and threat detection.

Conclusion on the best software for businesses

The plethora of digital tools available today makes the job of running a business less complicated.

It will always be necessary to invest, time, money and effort to make our business go out of business. But, with the advancement of the digital world, we can take advantage of a lot of low-cost and even free advantages. This means that we have many more possibilities to manage our business autonomously and effectively.