The 8 best rental management software in 2023

Even if they are not particularly efficient on a private level, these programs are perfect for rental management. Receipts, arrears reminders, inventory records, photo archiving, storage of leases...

Rental management software has multiple tools that facilitate the registration of the status and inventory of properties, as well as everything related to the collection of monthly payments, reminders of arrears and other administrative aspects.

Here we are going to talk about what are, as of today, the 8 best rental management software of the moment, indispensable tools that every real estate manager should consider including in its infrastructure to improve its performance and be aware of all the information about the status of the property, the equipment it has and the update of deposits and payments.

1. Dolisim

It is currently the most complete option for those who are looking for a program that allows them to manage, quickly and easily, all the properties in their offer.

Precisely for this reason it is one of the most used in the real estate sector, since it not only has enormous customization options, but also allows to bring together in one place everything related to the legal information of the property, the fiscal data of its owners, the charges that the apartment may have and other advanced functions.

Best of all, it does not limit the number of users, being able to automatically access the edition of rent receipts, automatically manage arrears, manage the IRL, have a digital safe to store all the information related to the ownership of the apartments and the data of the current tenants and even being able to count on assistance when creating lease contracts.

2. Lockimmo

A complete real estate management program focused on rental housing and transaction management.

It has an inventory management system by facilities, a specific software for co-ownership management, a specific program for document management, a real estate transaction software and other additional programs.

Management of expenses, insurance, VAT, real estate taxes, property declarations, etc. can all be securely stored on the program's server, which speeds up the process of consulting and sending documentation if necessary.

A fundamental aspect of Lockimmo is that it allows one of these "sub-programs" to be used as the main management tool, relegating the rest of the functions to a secondary role to be used when support tasks are required.

A 30-day free trial can be used, but it is necessary to request a quote to know the final cost of the product and its implementation in your business.

3. Rentila

Although originally focused exclusively on the French market, today it aims to project itself at European level to extend its services throughout the continent. It currently has a database of more than 20,000 landlords and 60,000 properties managed through its interface.

It is available in three subscription modes, based on which the limits of tenants and properties that can be incorporated are established.

The free version allows a single property to be incorporated into the manager, with a maximum of two tenants and two rentals; the Silver edition, for 3€/month, allows up to 5 properties to be managed, regardless of the number of tenants and rentals. The gold version allows unlimited management of rentals for €6/month.

4. Immobilier Loyer

Although it is not exactly aesthetically attractive, it is one of the most complete programs in the sector.

It allows you to manage accounts, rental contracts, edit and issue receipts, automatically claim unpaid rent, declare taxes and other functions, which greatly speeds up all the formalities when renting a property: presentation of supporting documentation, identity documents, pay slips, receipts, etc.

It offers a total of up to four versions, depending on one's needs and the size of the rental properties to be managed: a free version for one tenant, a Pro version for a single owner, an Expert version for an unlimited number of owners and a Premium version for property management companies.

5. Logiloc

It bears the French seal of guarantee, where a large part of the development of real estate management software is concentrated. Its great peculiarity is that it has not adopted a subscription model, but a single payment gives lifetime access to all the functions of the full version.

Its transaction locator allows you to filter all types of transactions to locate a specific movement, from a paid monthly payment to the signing of a rental contract.

It is extremely useful to automate the sending and saving of all the required documentation both in the moments prior to the formalization of the lease and the termination of the contract.

6. Pragma

Among all the programs in this comparative, Pragma is one of the most effective when it comes to automating the management of the processes of registration and deregistration of the rental database.

It can register and deregister property records, tenants and landlords, create rent receipts, recalculate the price of the monthly payment based on the CPI, generate invoices for fees and settlement and other associated services.

In addition, it is a perfect tool to prepare all the documentation to the Tax Agency when the declaration campaign opens, being able to prepare the models 111, 190, 303, 390, 347 and 184.

7. Emjysoft

It is specially designed to adapt to both small owners and large companies. It has management tools, preparation of receipts and forms, in addition to facilitating calls to the relevant agencies in terms of tax advice, edit receipts, manage reminders and manage collections, manage accounting, etc..

It adopts a subscription model with updates included, so an annual subscription will include all the additions that the development team incorporates to the application for the duration of your subscription.

8. iGestionlocative

It is a safe bet, since its database includes more than 45,000 landlords and has more than 12 years of experience in real estate management and the formalization of rental contracts.

It does not offer more features than the classic ones in a program of this type, but the latest updates have refined it to match the best in terms of performance: a simple web browser is enough to access all the information of your network of rental properties in the cloud.

It acts as a sort of CRM specialized in real estate, diversifying its offer in several plans depending on the needs of each user. Its three plans incorporate the same functionalities, differing only in the period of time they remain active. It is signed by a Polish company and has recently added Spanish to its native languages, so it is perfectly compatible with the network of apartments in our country.

Advantages of using real estate management software

Although the time savings offered by these services are usually their main advantage, there are a whole series of added benefits that must be taken into account in order to know to what extent these programs are useful.

1.- Payment register. To have a payment record is essential to certify that the monthly payments have been paid on time. Not only for future problems or confusion with the tenants, but also for personal peace of mind: thanks to these programs any user can prove that he/she has made the payments and that, therefore, he/she is up to date with the payment of the rent.

Inventory certificates. In many cases, apartments are rented partially or fully equipped, which makes things easier for the tenant, but can be a tremendous headache for the owner. These programs allow to have an updated inventory of accessories of the housing, which allows to make more agile verifications with a view to the end of the contract.

3.- Updating of rents. If the lease stipulates that the rental price should vary in line with the CPI, these changes should be reflected from the first moment in the amount to be paid in the monthly payment. The real estate management programs allow to automate the calculations to make the adjustments without alterations or other types of adjustments, fixing the real amount of the housing per month.