Microsoft's new Surface models allegedly "nearly sold out"

Microsoft announced that the pre-orders available for storage of the new Tablets Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are now almost completely delivered to the trade. Although this can be read as an indication that the second generation of Microsoft tablets is more interesting, but the company does not specify how many tablets have actually found a buyer so far.

"It looks like pre-orders for the Surface 2 (64 GB) and Surface Pro 2 (256 and 512 GB) are nearly sold out - even in the Microsoft stores," the company writes in a blog . Accessories such as the Touch Cover 2 can therefore no longer be pre-ordered.

In Microsoft's online shop , the Surface Pro 2 is currently not available with 512 GB. For the variant with 256 GB, the company specifies the delivery date as 15 December 2013. This also applies to the Surface 2 with 64 GB of memory. Only the cheapest models - the Surface 2 with 32 GB and the Surface Pro 2 with 64 or 128 GB - can still be ordered for a delivery in October.

One reason for this could be that Microsoft, especially in the high-priced models with a lot of memory has only small quantities. Finally, in July, the company had written off $ 900 million in Surface RT stockpiles, and shortly thereafter significantly lowered the price of the tablet.

It's also likely that Microsoft was more cautious in production planning and commissioned lower volumes than its first generation tablets. The warning that only small amounts of tablets are available is likely to encourage potential buyers to place their order now so they can get their new Surface in time for the October 22 launch.

The Surface sales also uses Microsoft as an argument to win software developers for his tablets. "All these buyers will need apps," the company writes in a tweet . Apps are - next to the hardware - Microsoft's second major challenge. At the time of the write-down to the Surface RT, there were only around 100,000 applications for the platform.