Postgres Plus Cloud Database for virtual private clouds

EnterpriseDB extends the dedicated Cloud deployment of the Postgres Plus Cloud Database with support for Amazon Web Services' Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and extends the regional availability of the solution.

EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Cloud Database cloud database solution now also supports Amazon Web Services' Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) feature . Postgres Plus Cloud Database is built on an architecture specifically designed for the cloud, so the solution adapts automatically to fluctuations in demand for processing power, server capacity or network capacity.

With support for Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud, Postgres Plus Cloud Database users will also be able to run hybrid clouds that seamlessly connect on-premises Postgres applications to cloud instances over a secure connection.

Users can use a management console to monitor database usage and monitoring, and to control automatic scaling of database performance by setting appropriate trigger levels.

Postgres Plus Cloud Database supports both the PostgreSQL Community version and EnterpriseDB's flagship product, Postgres Plus Advanced Server, which adds PostgreSQL security, performance and manageability capabilities to the enterprise.

With virtual private clouds, end users can manage inbound and outbound traffic at the instance and subnet levels. This complements the control features of the Postgres Plus Cloud Database, as each database can be deployed in a completely private instance.

With root access to fully control the database, users can monitor more operational information, optimize performance, and tailor the database application to meet specific needs, EnterpriseDB said in a release.

In addition, EnterpriseDB has announced the launch of its Postgres Plus Cloud Database in the Asia-Pacific (Sydney) region of Amazon Web Services in Australia.

"As our users move from development to production deployment, we are expanding our functionality to ensure that Postgres Plus Cloud Database meets the evolving business needs of the cloud. And the huge increase in demand for our cloud database, reflected in the 200 percent increase in revenue, shows we are on the right track, "said Ed Boyajian, CEO and President of EnterpriseDB.

"Our revenue growth shows that we have a true recipe for success in the cloud and data center. Which other database has 70% user growth and 12 consecutive growth quarters year over year, "said Hesham El Komy, Marketing Director, EMEA of EnterpriseDB. "It proves the quality of our product and also highlights that open source databases are a viable alternative to the high cost of proprietary solutions."