Parallels Cloud Automation Platform supports Windows Azure

Parallels now also supports Windows Azure with the cloud automation platform. This should provide hosted applications faster via the cloud. Since 2007, the company has been working with Microsoft.

The cloud automation platform Parallels now supports Windows Azure. Service Providers can use the Automation Platform Application Packaging Standard ( APS ) services to deploy a public cloud platform based on Microsoft Windows Azure in their own data centers. As a result, less development costs than previously incurred.

According to their own statements, new cloud products from Microsoft can provide Parallels with faster delivery than competing platforms through appropriate distributors. This allows the company to offer the services also cheaper.

Since 2007, Parallels and Microsoft have been working together to deliver cloud services to telcos, domain hosting providers, distributors, managed service providers, and VARs. According to Parallels Manager John Zanni, the ISP partners have already gained experience with Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft also wants to enable the indirect distribution of the hosting business through partners. The combination of the technologies of both business partners means for the customer in the end that several services can be combined in common invoices and different services can be managed in one interface. In addition, a settlement with other offers from the environment of the service provider is possible. A unified management interface is available as a link with Parallels Automation.