Micron launches enterprise SSDs of up to 800 GB

Micron offers the M500DC series in 1.8 and 2.5 inch models. The Enterprise SSD uses 20-nanometer MLC NAND flash and a 6-Gbps SATA interface. When reading, the sequential transfer rate is up to 425 MB / s and 375 MB / s when writing.

The Micron Enterprise SSD M500DC is designed for continuous data center operations. It will be available in 1.8 and 2.5 inch form factors and will be available in capacities of 120, 240, 480 and 800 GB.

The enterprise SSD uses in-house MLC NAND flash with 20 nanometer structure width and a SATA 3 interface with 6 Gbit / s data throughput. According to the manufacturer, sequential transfer rates of up to 425 MB / s for reading and 375 MB / s for writing are possible. A maximum write speed of 200 or 330 MB / s is offered by the 120 and 240 GB models.

According to the manufacturer, the M500DC series achieves a performance of up to 65,000 input instructions per second (IOPS) when randomly reading 4-kbyte blocks, and the write performance reaches up to 35,000 IOPS. With 0.5 milliseconds to read and 1.5 milliseconds to write, the latencies are specified.

Depending on the version, the storage media offer a DWPD value (Drive Write Per Day) between 1 and 3. This means that they can be described completely one to three times daily throughout the product life cycle. Micron sees the ideal use of the M500DC in big data and content delivery.

The 2.5-inch SSDs measure 10 by 7 by 0.7 inches and weigh a maximum of 90 grams. The 1.8-inch variant comes to 7.9 times 5.4 times 0.5 inches and at most 55 grams. In operation, the typical power consumption of the 800 GB model is 6.3 watts, the other versions require 6 watts. Power consumption drops to 200 milliwatts when idle.

For high reliability and performance as well as a long service life, the built-in XPERT functions (PDF) are to be provided by Micron .

Micron already manufactures the M500DC and sells it directly to OEM manufacturers as well as its own distribution partners . In 24/7 continuous operation, the product life cycle of the drives is five years.

Toshiba had introduced similar Enterprise SSDs at the end of 2013. The HK3R series 2.5-inch drives are designed to protect data stored on them even in the event of power loss. They use 19-nanometer MLC NAND Flash and are available in capacities of 120, 240 and 480 GB.