Hunting scholarships to study in the US does not need IELTS certificate

Dubbed as the land of opportunities, the United States always opens up many choices for international students pursuing the ambition to fulfill the American dream. Accordingly, many US universities have loosened the English language requirement for international students , allowing candidates who do not have IELTS certificates to have the opportunity to enroll and even to study scholarship to study in the US.

Previously, English certificates such as IELTS and SAT were one of the prerequisites for applying for admission to the United States. This is a factor that many students and students cherish the American dream because of the fact that there is no shortage of cases of studying talent, no luck in exam. However, at present, many universities have designed appropriate courses to meet the needs of candidates who do not have English certificates. It is the University Pathway program - a training program that sets the stage for a successful transition to the top universities in the country of chess .

The bridging course ( Pathway Courses) are pathways ideal , creating a stepping stone for the journey realizing the American dream. In recent years, the trend of Pathway program has become more and more popular in Vietnam due to the advantages of entrance requirements, enrollment time as well as the guarantee for the future it brings. Specifically:

Participating in Pathway program, applicants do not need to submit an IELTS certificate but only need to complete the free English entrance test at GSE-beo's office. In particular, the candidates have the opportunity to take the test twice , thereby greatly increasing the chances of admission.

Flexible admission times with three admissions are January, May and August . The program can last from 1 to 3 semestersdepending on the academic achievement of students.

The courses designed by the universities themselves are a perfect combination of programs to improve English language ability and general subjects of bachelor's and master's degrees. Accordingly, students will both have the opportunity to improve their foreign language , and also to accumulate academic credits that can be recognized in the undergraduate or graduate programs of universities, including schools. Top university in the United States .

After completing the study program, students who achieve the required score will be credited into the second or second year of the undergraduate or graduate program , so there is no difference between students. Students study pathway programs and students study a four-year or two-year bachelor's degree.

Roadmap for savings with the opportunity to receive scholarships worth up to US $ 10,000 / year . Scholarships are reviewed quickly and simply, based on the academic achievement of individuals.
Classes have a maximum size of 25 students with the coordination of experienced teachers in training international students and students , helping to optimize the ability of students to receive knowledge.

Currently, there are many universities, including the top 200 universities in the US such as Northeastern University, Wisconsin University, Drew University, University of South Florida, Colorado State University ... implementing Pathway pathway , giving students and students a pass ticket on the train to realize the dream of touching the gates of America's most prestigious university.

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