Dell is expanding its offering of cloud and data center solutions

Dell is expanding its own cloud offering and working with Red Hat on OpenShift. This enables test environments for mobile, social and analytics solutions. Fluid Cache for SAN extends SSD support. OpenManage has equipped Dell with a gateway for mobile data center monitoring.

Dell has significantly expanded its offerings of cloud and data center solutions. In addition, at the Dell Enterprise Forum EMEA in Frankfurt, it announced its intention to enter into a partnership with Red Hat. Together, the two companies do not want to offer business-critical solutions. The basis for this is the open-source cloud platform OpenShift . Among other things, it will offer test environments for software in the areas of mobile, social and analytics. They bear the name "Proof of Concept Configuration".

In addition, Dell and Red Hat provide a Platform-as-a-Service offer. Developers should be able to program with this application, which are suitable for use in public, private as well as hybrid clouds. They are independent of the operating system and the programming language. In the next days the rollout of the common Cloud products for developers on OpenShift is to begin.

Dell also showcased end-to-end data center solutions . For example, Fluid Cache for SANsoftware can be combined with PCI Express SSDs. With the solution Dell promises a noticeable increase in performance while at the same time the costs per user are significantly reduced. Frequently required data is stored on the SSDs. This benefits, for example, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

With Fluid Cache for SAN, Dell claims to have reached a value of five million Random Read IOPS in a controlled test environment. The product should be launched before the end of the current calendar quarter. At the same time, Compellent Storage Center 6.5 should also be available. Dell has also optimized these for SSDs. It also supports self-encrypting hard drives. SAN users can use block compression data compression to save more data to fewer drives. According to Dell, users achieve a compression rate of up to 77 percent.

The Synchronous Live Volume feature is also new in Compellent Storage Center. This allows data to be restored without interruption to server configurations without interruption. With multi-VLAN tagging, service providers can offer customers in virtual domains of a storage center different service levels.

Administrators can now use the mobile gateway Dell OpenManage Mobile Server to monitor storage, networking and firewall systems while on the move. It is part of Dell OpenManage Essentials 1.3 and therefore free for its users. In addition, version 1.3 includes a connection to the Dell AppSure data security solution for precisely defined backups.

Dell has also expanded the EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for the same-named Storage Arrays (PDF). The corporation has now optimized it for VMware and Linux virtualization platforms. This month, support for Microsoft virtualization will follow