Cisco offers new security service Managed Threat Defense

Managed Threat Defense should also be able to discover unknown dangers. It offers appropriate hardware, software and analytics based on Hadoop. Customers will receive recommendations for response options and how to proceed from Cisco's regional Security Operation Centers.

The newly introduced Cisco Managed Threat Defense security service aims to protect companies from intruders and other threats. Initially, however, the service is only available in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.

Cisco offers Managed Threat Defense, a combination of hardware, software and analytics. With this package, threats can be monitored, intercepted and analyzed. The data collected will be sent to Cisco's Regional Security Operation Centers (SOCs), who will provide feedback and recommendations for further action. Among other things, the service uses Hadoop 2.0 to detect atypical behavior in networks, to detect any unknown attacks by remote access to data streams and to track incidents.

The service analyzes in real time and with foresight. Cisco argues that it can protect companies against today's threats and their ever-growing numbers. As a result, customers would not have to worry about using new technologies such as cloud computing, mobile, and Internet of Things.

Managed Threat Defense is available only as a subscription. According to the 2014 Cisco Annual Security Report , all networks of large companies access malware sites. This year's potential for "unprecedented growth" in complex attacks is stated in the report. For example, Cisco evaluated 30 international corporate networks from large companies.

Cisco has the reputation of being a laggard as a cloud computing provider. That's why, in March, it said it would provide $ 1 billion to develop its resources. Among other things, they want to use the money to build data centers and develop cloud services for corporate customers under the name "Cisco Cloud Services". Competitors have been offering these for a long time. The Managed Threat Defense is not available in Europe, should be explained with lack of resources.